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23rd April 2014

A quick recap on recent announcements with regard to product pricing and availability.

  • In preparation for Lawyer Checker’s upcoming discontinuation of the Account Screen product, ETSOS have now removed the option from the platform. You will no longer be able to purchase the Account Screen. The Account & Entity Screen will remain with no differential in pricing, £10 +VAT and will continue to be available on the ETSOS platform. In addition to the instant result on the outcome of the check against the database, the Account & Entity Screen does the legwork when a potential risk is identified by undertaking further research into the firm:
    • Roll of solicitors/conveyancers
    • Companies House information
    • ICO Data Protection Register
    • FSA Registers
    • Land Registry Transfers of Value lists
    • Sort code look-up
    • Streetview


  • Anglian Water’s search arm, Geodesys have announced a price increase effective from 1st April 2014. The price of their residential CON29DW Drainage & Water Enquiry will go up by £1.50 +VAT across the board. Should anybody have any queries on this, please contact your ETSOS account manager.


  • Landmark have announced a number of updates to their range of residential conveyancing reports. All the updated reports are available through the ETSOS platform.
    • With flooding and insurance very much in the public eye, Landmark have enhanced their market-leading Homecheck Flood report to offer a solution that not only provides more data than basic flood assessments (including, for example, critical information on the likely depth of a flooding incident) and suggested resistance measures and costs, but also now promotes an insurance broker that will guarantee to beat a high street home contents quote (where low risk is identified) and will always offer a quote even in high risk areas. Even if further negotiation on the purchase price of the property is required as a result, the report offers offering the best chance of the transaction proceeding as quickly as possible.
    • Landmark’s Energy & Infrastructure report has been updated at no extra cost and now includes new data sets covering:
      • Existing and planned solar farms (new data set)
      • High Speed 2 including, critically, the safeguarding limits
      • Crossrail phase 1
      • Historical and existing oil and gas licensed exploration blocks and drilling locations
      • Existing and planned location of wind farms and wind turbines
      • Yorkshire and Humber CCS and Cross Country Pipeline
    • Landmark have released a number of blogs in recent months dealing with various issues ranging from flooding to sinkholes.
      • Landmark reports, in partnership with ESI, now incorporate groundwater flood risk data into its residential report range including Homecheck Flood, Envirosearch Residential and SiteSolutions Residential.
    • Landmark’s Plansearch Plus report has been refreshed. Selecting and buying a home can be a lengthy and costly process. Changes to the local area can have a tremendous impact on both residents’ quality of life and the value of their property, either positively or negatively, and are therefore of great interest to the home-mover and mortagee alike. Making clients aware of local planning activity, therefore, should be an essential part of solicitors’ due diligence.
      • Simplified design – both solicitors and consumers alike will be able to view pertinent information at a glance.  The revised format is both user-friendly and simple to interpret, with residential and commercial applications separated, categorised by proximity and scale, clearly labelled and then referenced on easy-to-read maps.
      • Relevant data – we will only provide planning applications that have been made within the last 10 years, including planning application title
      • Improved data categorisation – standard use classes are adopted throughout the report.
      • For a sample report click here


  • GroundSure have announced the addition further data to their market-leading Flood Search to provide even more accuracy and clarity of property-specific risk in affected areas.
    • With effect from 7th April 2014, the report now additionally includes:
      • JBA Overall Insurability rating
      • Environment Agency Historic Flood Events
      • Environment Agency Proposed Flood Defences
      • Annual Scheduled Flood Maintenance programmes
    • Read more here


  • South West Water have announced  a price freeze on their residential CON29DW. Their commercial searches will see a small increase of £3.25 +VAT on their standard CON29DW while the premium search will go up by £5 +VAT from 1st April 2014.


  • Mining Searches UK have announced a £2.50 +VAT price rise on their reports, effective from 4th April 2014. The reports affected are as follows:
    • Metalliferous Mining Search
    • China/Ball Clay Search
    • Limestone/Chalk Search
    • Combined Metalliferous/China/Ball Clay Search
    • Combined Metalliferous/Limestone/Chalk Search


  • Yorkshire Water (SafeMove) have announced a price freeze on their residential CON29DW. The standard “Commercial” report, and the “Commercial Plus” are both subject to a £4.50 +VAT increase, effective from 8th April.


  • United Utilities have announced an increase of £2.39 +VAT to their residential CON29DW report from 1st July 2014.


  • Welsh Water announced an increase of £0.83 +VAT to their residential CON29DW report.


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