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How does ETSOS make its money if the systems are free to use?

We make our money from reselling products – mostly the searches. As long as the ordering platform is used for the searches the platform itself is free to use. We want our clients’ businesses to thrive – because if their business thrives then so does ours.


Are searches more expensive to compensate for the free system usage?

No. On the contrary, because we are an aggregator and resell a broad range of official and personal searches and specialist risk and environmental reports, our providers like to keep their pricing competitive, which allows us in turn to keep our pricing keen.


Do you ‘push’ particular providers over others because of commissions or other incentives?

Absolutely not. Our whole system is predicated on the fact that we want to give our users genuine market oversight. They can very easily compare all our search providers, focusing on key facts such as turnaround times and prices, and then make a truly informed decision on behalf of their client.


How do your turnaround times compare with other providers?

Turnaround times are positively impacted by the fact that search providers know that our clients can see their competitors’ turnaround times on the system


Personal service is important to us as a law firm. Does ETSOS provide its clients with a named account manager?

Yes, every client has a dedicated, named, highly trained account manager. Many people use us because of our consistently high standards of customer service.


Why do you offer such an extensive range of searches and providers?

Because we believe choice creates competitive prices and turnaround times and means you can make a more informed decision for your client. We also want to be a genuine one stop shop for property professionals and any ‘search supermarket’ needs to have all the leading brands and plenty of product lines.


Can I use QRS without buying searches from ETSOS?

You certainly can, but we would have to charge a click fee. But we are flexible so please feel free to talk to us about your requirements.


Can the search ordering platform be tailored to reflect our law firm’s branding?

Yes, we are very happy to customise our search ordering portal and/or QRS with your firm’s branding.


Can ETSOS undertake bespoke IT work if we wanted something specific added to the system?

Yes. We have an exceptionally talented IT department – hence our state of the art products. We love listening to ideas for how we can do things better and then acting upon them.


What if I want to order a search from a provider that doesn’t feature on the ETSOS system?

Talk to us. It may be that we can pop them on for you.


The QRS can be embedded into our company website. Is this something you can do for us or do we have to undertake the integration work ourselves?

We would be very happy to undertake this for you.


We have conveyancing teams in each of our six offices. Can they each have a separate ETSOS account?

Yes, the more the merrier!


Can ETSOS search ordering be integrated with our case management system?

Yes. The ETSOS systems are built with the latest technology and we can easily integrate with case management systems.


What about training?

Training is completely free and your dedicated account manager will get you up to speed in no time. Even for the biggest technophobe it only takes about 40 minutes to complete residential conveyancing training and an hour for commercial conveyancing. But your account manager is always at the end of the phone for you if you have any queries.


What other services do you offer?

As well as the search order portal and the free quotation and referral system we give our clients other free goodies like a tool to generate instant quotes (handy for giving quote over the phone to help increase your conversion rate) and we can also embed it on your website (don’t worry, to generate a quote the system needs a number or email address so you can use it to get in touch with them afterwards).


What happens if the information is wrong?

It is the suppliers’ responsibility – but we only work with suppliers who are thoroughly vetted and accredited!


How do I get started on your system?

Pick up the phone, call 01524 220000 and ask for a free trial.


What are your payment terms?

Standard payment terms – a weekly direct debit.


Do you have a mapping service?

Yes – and it’s free!


What are the latest EPC requirements?

For a full breakdown of the latest Energy Performance Certificate requirements please click below for our quick reference guide:

When is an EPC required

ETSOS is an excellent online system. It really is a ‘one stop shop’ solution! It makes a real change to have a personal service like this combined with a fantastic online platform.” – Duncan Rawlinson, Head of Residential Conveyancing, Linder Myers

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