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CPD Training

We are committed to providing a continuing competence programme to help you fulfil your training obligations under the SRA’s “Statement of solicitor competence” regime.

Click here to see our quick guide to continuing competence

We can arrange for a number of different topics to be covered. We can deliver much of our training free of charge, with courses being held in your offices if required (some courses may be subject to minimum numbers). Please see below details of topics we are able to provide training on.

For an up to date list of upcoming training opportunities please see our Events page

  • ‘New regulations covering various surveys and how they impact property transactions’ (two hours)
    • This seminar brings together a series of regulations which involve a physical survey of the building. This alone can have implications for the transaction timeframe.
    • Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007
    • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006
    • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Each of the below, or any combination of, can be done as a one, two or three hour session

  • ‘Environmental risks in property transactions’ (one hour)
  • ‘Flood risks in property transactions’ (one hour)
  • ‘Energy & Infrastructure issues in property transactions’ (one hour)
  • ‘Ground stability risk in property transactions’ (one hour)
  • ‘Planning issues in property transactions’ (one hour)
  • ‘Japanese Knotweed’ (one hour)


  • ‘Capital Allowances’ (one hour)
    • What is Capital Allowances
    • What is Plant and Machinery
    • Its Value & Plant and Machinery Typical Values
    • Tax Benefits
    • Example Case Studies
    • Capital Allowances Report Product USP/Features.
  • ‘Subsidence Risk, Response & Remedies’ (one hour)
    • What is subsidence and equally important what is not.
    • Subsidence in the UK.
    • Property purchase and ownership key considerations including lender and insurer approach to subsidence.
    • Subsidence risk assessment methods
    • Specialist Inspections – Why and when are they needed, what are they?
  • ‘Identifying Development Risk and Hidden Value in Property’ (one hour)
    • Background of development culture
    • Development in the UK
    • National planning policy framework
    • Advice to clients
    • Examples of risk and hidden value
    • How safe is that view?
  • ‘Combating conveyancing fraud’ (one hour)
    • Conveyancing risk today
    • The rise of identity theft
    • Vendor Conveyancer Fraud
    • Protecting your firm
    • Lawyer Checker
  • ‘What the 4th Directive (MLD4) will mean to legal professionals in the UK’ (one hour)
    • Background
    • What are the main changes in MLD4
    • How will this effect property professionals
    • When will these changes happen
    • How individuals and firms can prepare
  • ‘How to deal with foreign nationals for AML’ (one hour)
  • ‘Implications of immigration act on those who are involved in lettings’ (one hour)
  • Chancel Repair Liability and Manorial Rights’ (one hour)
    • Chancel Repair Liability & Mineral Rights, covering all aspects from King Henry VIII and the creation of Chancel Repair Liability to the Chancel Repair Bill being discussed in parliament now
    • How the liability and rights began
    • Land Registration Act 2002 and its effect on Overriding interests
    • Risk Management
    • Recent News/Updates
    • Case studies
  • ‘Legal Indemnity Insurance’ (one hour)
    • Legal Indemnity, covering what legal indemnity is and how the client can get the best from it and some specific risk training
    • Common Risks
    • Standard Heads of Loss
    • Online Self Issue
    • Bespoke Insurance
    • Case Studies

CPD courses from Legal Mentors


  •   “The current Legal Services Market – threats and opportunities” – Discusses what traditional firms will have to do to respond to latest pressures. (90 minute update for Partners’ meetings)
  • “How to move your clients from ‘price’ to ‘value’ consciousness’” – Covers how to get the ‘value’ message across, resulting in increased margins for the firm. (Half day)
  • “How to generate new fee income by improving conversion of incoming enquiries” – reveals how to capture more new clients. (Half day)
  • “How to improve Client Care resulting in the transformation of clients into ‘fans’” – reveals how to get more clients to recommend you to others (Half Day)

The ETSOS quote and referral system is a free useful tool in keeping conveyancing work where it belongs: i.e. on the local high street! It is an essential way to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of Tesco law Gary Rycroft – Partner, Joseph A Jones & Co Solicitors

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Latest newsspeech Bubble

Crack down on AML with “Flag it Up”

The government have moved to crack down on Money Laundering in the UK with a new campaign focusing on the accountancy, legal and property sectors. (more…)

How to write your AML risk assessment

The Money Laundering Regulations require estate agents to risk assess their business relationships and apply an appropriate level of investigation to ensure that they understand who their customer is, and why they are involved in the transaction. (more…)

Fines for failure to identify beneficial owners

Agents are falling foul of money laundering regulations by not having a process in place to identify third party ownership and beneficial owners. (more…)

NEWSFLASH: Funding doubles for industry regulator

The government have announced a significant funding increase for property industry regulator the National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team (NTSEAT).

There has long been criticism of a lack of resource in the team whose responsibility it is to police and enforce various regulations estate agents are governed by; including the Estate Agents Act 1979 and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs). (more…)

£22.5k fine for estate agent…

A recent news story highlights the risks posed by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, otherwise known as CPRs. (more…)

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