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Cnoufesd aoubt Atni-Mnoey Lunadreing?

29th March 2018

The brain is incredible at working out words even if they are spelt incorrectly.

It can usnrcamlbe wrods so lnog as they hvae the crorcet nmuebr of lteters and the frist and lsat ltetres are croerct. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe

What’s even more incredible is you can replace letters with numbers and it still works.

Y0ur m1nd 15 r34d1ng 7h15 4u70m471c4lly w17h0u7 3v3n 7h1nk1ng 4b0u7 17

The pehmnoenon is konwn as “Typoglycemia” uinsg btoh prtas of the biran to ujnmulbe the lteerts.

Cmolpaicne in a Box from Lndaamrk hlpes uncsrmalbe yuor Mneoy Laudnrenig oglbiaotins. 

From one palce you can udenrktae and eidvnce

  • CDD and EDD wtih eeclotinec AML cehcks
  • Iednfitynig PEPs and tohse on sncaoitns lsits
  • Vrieifciation of UK and feoirgn ID dcuomnets
  • Hmoe onwrehsip cnoifrmteoin
  • idneiftynig befencail onewrs

Ujnbumle yuor AML cmoipalnce with Cmopilnace in a Box. Cnoatct Samantha Peacock tdoay on 01524 220013, eaiml samantha.peacock@landmark.co.uk or cmolptee the form boelw




Confused about Anti-Money Laundering?

The brain is incredible at working out words even if they are spelt incorrectly.

It can unscramble words so long as they have the correct number of letters and the first and last letters are correct. This is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole.

What’s even more incredible is you can replace letters with numbers and it still works.

Your mind is reading this automatically without even thinking about it.

The phenomenon is known as “Typoglycemia” using both parts of the brain to unscramble the letters.

Compliance in a Box from Landmark helps unscramble your Money Laundering Obligations. 

From one place you can undertake and evidence

  • CDD and EDD with electronic AML Checks
  • Identifying PEPs and those on sanctions lists
  • Verification of UK and foreign ID documents
  • Home ownership confirmation.
  • Boundary confirmation
  • Identifying beneficial owners when dealing with Ltd companies.

Unscramble your AML compliance with Compliance in a Box. Contact Samantha Peacock on 01524 220013, email samantha.peacock@landmark.co.uk or complete the form below

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